Lamya Al-Fozan

Leading figure in finance

My family comprises six, all representing the eagerness and determination of the Saudi dream. Our story begins with my father, Dr. Mohammed Al-Fozan, who decided to defy his lack of proficiency of English and seek a doctorate in finance from a leading university in the US.

He started a family with his wife, Hussah Al-Megbel, who had a passion for the arts and social studies. They later returned from America and served as academics in their home country, before pursuing careers in consulting as well as managing private businesses.


My name is Lamya and I am their eldest child. I have worked hard to become a leading female figure in finance. I was able to reach my position in a time when it was rare for women to hold key roles in the industry.

I am a driven professional who loves to inspire others and make a difference in my community. Finance has been my profession for the last 15 years, where I have consistently challenged myself by acquiring qualifications and continuing to attend education while working.

My sister Khawlah was a key marketing professional for one of the Kingdom’s leading banks. She has since started a new post as marketing director for a leading food and beverage company.

I worked hard to become a leading figure in finance. I was able to reach my position when it was rare for women to hold key roles in the industry.

Khawlah has a passion for building and growing brands. She is a proficient marketer and strategist with over 10 years of experience. She loves being part of a growing brand and making it stand out through the development of innovative strategies.

Al-Zahra, Khawlah’s twin sister, is a financial markets professional in the field of treasury, investment and market risk. She has also paved the way for other women in her field to follow in her inspiring footsteps.

Last but not least is my brother Nasser, named after his grandfather, who is as driven and outspoken as him and just as determined to succeed. He has an eye for detail and is a force to be reckoned with in the industrial development industry, through his role as a key credit professional with a major government entity. 

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