Ragad AlNasser

Businesswoman / Entrepreneur

I am a great believer in the idea that if you want to go big in life, you have to dream big, push hard and take control of your own fate. I am an achiever; I am Ragad AlNasser.

I was born and raised in Jeddah, the second of seven children. My dad was a self-made businessman, and my mom is an author who has published a number of novels. Mom was the enforcer when we were growing up, while my dad was more lenient. He cared about enriching our knowledge and asked us every day what we were reading. They were very much in sync with how they raised us; their love and care shaped us and helped us to see and experience the world on our own and make something out of it.


I grew up in a very dynamic and a very business-oriented family. My dad was the founder of Jabal Uhud Holding and CEO of the Power Tower Company, and our dinner conversations were always about business, financial figures, emerging companies and what stocks we should invest in. We were always talking about the future of the family business.

Though these are not your typical topics of family dinner conversation, they paved the way for my career path. I was groomed to be business oriented, and after my father passed away recently I was handed the baton of the family business.

I was always studious at school, getting top grades, but with a rebellious character. I was competitive and always striving to achieve more. I attended Dar Al-Fikr Private Schools in Jeddah and graduated with honors from Dar Al-Hekma University with a degree in banking and finance. I then moved to London to pursue a master’s degree in international management at King’s College.

My brain is constantly thinking about finance management and investments, and while I was at college I decided that I wanted to kick start my investment portfolio, so I went into real estate. I also helped to grow my father’s real-estate portfolio and found that I had solid knowledge that formed a base for investment and building portfolios. This is something I discovered to be my niche and I could not wait to build on it — but I had to start small and grow organically.

I have always taken care of my health, been athletic and constantly on the move. I was captain of my basketball team in high school. While I was in London, I wanted to challenge myself and decided to work on developing a six pack — not your average goal but that is what I wanted and I achieved it.

As I did so, I became obsessed with gym culture. A few months later, upon returning to Saudi Arabia to spend the holidays with my family, I brought back with me the idea of establishing a gym. I realized the fitness sector is quite young in the Kingdom and many people lack proper knowledge of how a gym should be run.

I became a personal trainer, as a hobby, and opened the RE Bootcamp Gym in 2017. At the age of 26, I was the youngest gym owner in the country.

I was working in London at the time, for a company in Canary Wharf, but decided to open a gym as soon as I returned to Jeddah. I wanted to give something back to the community and help out my friends. So I first became a personal trainer, as a hobby, and opened the RE Bootcamp Gym in 2017. At the age of 26, I believe I was the youngest gym owner in the country.

I was born to be a businesswoman, and groomed and shaped to handle tough situations. In 2019 I launched an investment company as part of Jabal Uhud Holding. It deals with assets-portfolio management, stocks, real estate and more. It all started with the family fund and the portfolio grew through contacts who requested our services.

To expand my knowledge in the field and grow my investment boutique firm I am taking an executive course with Oxford Business School. It feels like I am going back to basics again, by expanding my knowledge to help people from all walks of life and give them access to ways in which they can grow their wealth, maintain it and preserve it.

I’m a perfectionist and my vision of growth for my company comes through hard work, a lot of effort and having a devoted team that can provide investment seekers with the proper information about their options and the associated risks.

Through my expertise, I want to develop a stronger understanding among the younger generation about the importance of financial literacy, and help them to realize that there are always options for financial growth.

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