Mariam Alhabidi

Digital entrepreneur

I was raised in a semi-conservative family in Jubail Industrial City that knew nothing but being positively productive.

My father moved to Dhahran with Aramco, later joining the Royal Commission of Jubail. He encouraged us to be active, learn and become independent.

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Education was key. My siblings and I learned English from a very early age, picked up hobbies such as ballet and judo, which was not common in the 1980s.

I became a swimming coach while I was still a student because it mattered to my father that I became independent. That has instilled in me the belief that financial independence greatly helps women.

My mother was a school principal, through her I learned to be supportive and disciplined. She always encouraged us to read, to learn something new and to never stop. She would always say that as a woman, you can do anything.

I went to Dammam University where I gained my bachelor’s degree and discovered myself. I worked at the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Program for Youth Development as manager in the Jubail Industrial City branch for four years, and trained young girls on women’s empowerment, teaching self-development and self-assessment.

As a COO of a company, it’s not always easy to disconnect from work, but it’s my commitment to helping others that makes me happy.

I later joined the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Development Fund as a consultant while simultaneously pursuing my master’s in business management. In 2010, I headed to the US for another Master of Science and Technology, training in the Saudi Embassy in Washington soon after. 

I founded Cr8ive two years ago, out of a passion to help the youth find their place in the world. With the support of my husband, Abdulrahman Alnuaimi, and with both my children by my side, we now operate in three countries.

The company focuses on technology development and we provide support to entrepreneurs: Starting a small business and helping them create business plans. The entrepreneur in me aspires to help anyone I meet. 

As a COO of a company, it’s not always easy to disconnect from work, but it’s my commitment to helping others that makes me happy.

My family are my backbone and support system. I always say that I see myself growing with Mariam and Saif by my side, my husband and my family behind me, with a laptop on my lap. As funny as it may seem, being a working mom at home has its difficulties and advantages but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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