Deena Al-Faris

Entrepreneur & founder of the Qamrah fashion brand

When people read my story, they might think she is smart and strong. The truth is when you find your life’s purpose, that is when you will grow to make a difference and inspire others in ways you are best. 

I was the middle child, with three older siblings and three younger ones. Since the age of 11, I was raised by my father and my stepmother.

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When my mother and my six siblings passed away in an accident it was a tragedy, but it was also a learning experience for me and my father. I learned from my father to always look at life differently and to always continue no matter what happens as long as you have a mission, a message, and faith. My father was my support, my mentor, and my challenge at the same time.

I learned values from my mother and my siblings too before the accident, which even today is engraved in my heart. So even now when I am in a situation, I think to myself what they would do if they were here and it has helped me a lot.

At this point in my life, I own a fashion brand Qamrah, which presents executive ready-to-wear designs for women, it is about empowering women regarding their looks and in their attitudes and behaviors. I am married and have two sons, my husband is a businessman that I am proud of, he juggles between having a family business and his own business.

Since I was a child my father was in the industry of armored vehicles and heavy work, he is one of the finest and the greatest inventors. So, my childhood was spent living in an environment of manufacturing and inventions in the field of mechanical engineering.

In 1996 I went to study in Switzerland. It was a bit unfamiliar to be abroad. My father suggested that I take it step-by-step in order for me to be prepared to study overseas. After, I attended and graduated from the International business management school from Oxford University.

When I joined the family business in 2001, it was a new venture that we started and a great opportunity. Just because I was a daughter it didn’t mean I had the privilege to become some kind of executive immediately. I had to be an apprentice for a while, and I had to go through so many departments to understand how the work was functioning.

I co-founded the Al-Faris sturgeon fish farm and Caviar Court factory, the first in the Middle East and also set up the food processing factory. Being a part of that showed me how to see the bigger picture and involve my own ideas. A few years later I took over the marketing and strategy development, which helped me take the Caviar Aquafarm to the international level successfully, becoming the general manager of the group of companies.

I believe I won this with my hard work and my father’s support and the confidence he ingrained in me. He has always encouraged me and helped me be stronger mentally.

Because of my passion for women rights, I later went abroad to study international law. I have always tried to be active about women rights specifically in the business sector.

I started by being a role model and dedicating a lot of my time and effort through the chamber of commerce, and because of that I got the chance to become a part of the five founders of the first young women’s council in the eastern chamber of commerce, it is still a very successful council but I am no longer a part of it.

One of the biggest challenges in business is that there is no such thing as “I know”, there is always space to improve. Finding good mentorship is very difficult, luckily for me, I have always had my father.

My husband is very supportive and taught me men and women working as a team is crucial to any type of success.

I don’t believe success is about being famous and having money. Success is about having a clear mission in front of your eyes and you can touch people with it.

I want to continue to support women and help them with their decision-making skills. I would love to make a buzz about how important it is for people to know their purpose in life. I think that it can take minutes or years to find that purpose but it always benefits that person and everyone around, because it helps to do the right thing at the right time instead of doing everything at the same time.

Always be open to learning and finding mentors and have the patience to listen and learn. 

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