Dr. Bushra AlOlayan


I believe in finding comfort whenever and however I can get it, by any means, because it’s about enjoying the simple pleasures of life today. It’s the little things that make life beautiful. I’m Bushra AlOlayan, I’m an entrepreneur and founder of Lorindale concierge and lifestyle management service. 

I was born and raised in Al-Khafji and I’m the youngest of seven girls. My father, Mohammed, worked as a director of public relations for the Arabian Oil Company in Al-Khafji. My mother Salma was a businesswoman. She ran a tailor and hairdressing business that I was always in awe of. I would watch her manage the “Mashgal” – or the workshop – manage her employees, and learn a great deal from her.


We moved to Dammam after my father’s retirement and I received my education there until I graduated and received a scholarship to study in the UK. 

Throughout our childhood my parents never failed to motivate or inspire us to do better. They helped us realize our dreams by providing a quality education and instilling in us the importance of being independent and diligent.

My father would always tell us that if we strive to do something we should work hard and succeed in achieving our goals on our own. “Make your own connections,” he would say, “go and get it yourself.”

His method taught me to be a problem solver. Although I’m the youngest of my sisters, I’m the one they turn to most for their problems and concerns.

I majored in computer science and I was compelled to continue my education as most of my sisters are PhD holders. So I completed my bachelor’s, master’s and I graduated with a PhD from the University of Wales in 2016.

Throughout my time in the UK I was fascinated by London’s luxurious lifestyle. The city was very attractive to me and I grew very fond of it as we would spend our summer vacations there every year from childhood. 

As I grew older, I noticed that the luxurious lifestyle catered to clients with active personal and social lifestyles provided by experts in the field. I noticed the demand for it while in the UK. The language barrier was a problem for some and, with growing demand from my friends and seeing how I knew the city well, I became a freelancer and was able to help some of the friends and contacts that I knew to provide them with where-to-go guides and more about the city, catering to their requests and needs.

I was fascinated by London’s luxurious lifestyle. The city was very attractive to me and I grew very fond of it as we would spend our summer vacations there. 

I decided to do the same when I returned home. There were no luxury lifestyle management and concierge services in our region and I was going to be the first to do it. 

In 2016 I launched Lorindale, Saudi Arabia’s first concierge and lifestyle management service. One of my main visions for the company is to ensure a personal relationship with our members. I prefer the term members over clients because I base it on human-to-human interaction and our concept is to ensure that is maintained. 

We fulfill our members’ requests and needs 24 hours a day. We know who they are, their preferences and we developed the means to answer any of our members’ requests in 60 seconds – this is how we stand out from other up-and-coming companies. The customer’s comfort is a priority. 

This is a reflection of my own preferences in life as well, the problem solver in me that wants to fulfill any and all expectations of my members and I lean more toward minimalist luxury as well. I am articulate, I appreciate beauty and, as an entrepreneur, I sell comfort because I also buy comfort. 

I love what I do. I love answering people’s requests and calls and going above and beyond to do it. The company has become a global brand and we’re working remotely because it’s simply easier that way. I want to give all I can and go as far as I can to bring luxury and comfort.

Though it was rocky at the beginning, Lorindale gained momentum in a very short period of time. I want to continue its growth and I want to involve technology more into the brand, but that is a challenge that will disrupt my vision for the company, I don’t want it to lose the human-to -human interaction. 

There’s a balance to it but, as a people’s person, it’s something I will always keep as a priority for Lorindale and myself.

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