Lama Al-Fozan

Manager of partnerships and strategic alliance

I grew up moving around the globe as my father is a diplomat and received most of my basic education in several countries. I am the eldest of five children. 

I earned my bachelor’s degree in English language from King Faisal University in Riyadh and I hold a master’s degree in international affairs and diplomacy from the American University in Dubai, UAE. 


After my graduation, I joined SAGIA, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, where I worked for nine years as an advisory manager and was responsible for attracting foreign direct investment and guiding new investors in the Kingdom. 

Recently, I became the manager of partnerships and strategic alliances at KAFD Development and Management Co., which is implementing the King Abdullah Financial District project. KAFD is envisioned as a business hub that will revive and strengthen the Kingdom’s economy.

I have been moving from my city in the Eastern Province to Riyadh to build a career in the greatest business hub in the country and the region.

I love what I do because I can see that everything I am working on will actually come true as the strategy we are building now will come to reality and be implemented in the upcoming years. I am proud to be a part of the team and this company and I would love to see the company grow and the city I am in grow with me.

I have a keen interest in international affairs and have joined several programs. I participated at the UN’s program for young people to tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Merit360. 

I worked with a group to develop action plans to tackle the UN’s No. 1 goal — no poverty.  

The UN’s program inspired me to co-found Talga, a Saudi-based nonprofit organization that aims to provide sustainable solutions and consultancies to developmental challenges by linking research and action.

Talga is the name of a local tree in Asir. It symbolizes our main values which we want to celebrate with the world: Sustainability, creativity, tolerance, diversity and culture.

I am a member of the Saudi female fencing team and have participated in several championships, and also the first ever, seven-member Saudi Arabian Athletes’ Commission. We are the voice of all athletes in the Kingdom, helping to clear any obstacles in their way. 

I am a part of a sports company, Master Me, where I am a regional director. Master Me supports the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goal of promoting physical and social well-being and a healthy lifestyle by providing sports education and skills to the community.

We are reaching out to the Saudi Olympic committee, sports authority, and the Ministry of Education to produce quality and skilled talented student leaders and implement the state’s quota of leadership in sports.

Nowadays, things are shifting to the conceptional age, which is an era that is all about ideas and creativity. It is an exciting time to be Saudi and a female and witness all these changes while trying to be a part of the transformation.

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