Najla Almunajem

Fashion designer

I have had a love for all things related to art from an early age and what started as a passion became my profession.

I was born and raised in Riyadh and have always been very close to my family.

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I gained a bachelor’s degree in economics and two master’s degrees in law and investments, but it was studying fashion design and collection production at the University of the Arts London where I found my true calling. 

I used to work at the Saudi Stock Exchange, and I now run my atelier, NAJ by Najla Almunajem, that I launched in early 2017 full time. I still run the atelier with my team that tailors every element of the design process to the client, with dedicated personal fittings forming an integral part of the couture experience.

It was difficult working two full-time jobs and study for two master’s degrees, but I can say for sure that living a life with no purpose or passion is even harder.

I got married last year and everything is now a balancing act to put enough dedicated time into each part of my life. 

My journey was never free of obstacles, but I was able to overcome them with hard work and the support of my father, Ahmed, who has always encouraged me to be persistent. He is the hero behind the scenes.

My passion was, and will always be, my motivation, and without the support of my father and family I would never have had the courage to pursue my dream.

I would like to expand my brand with other lines such as ready to wear and kaftans, and I look forward to staging my first fashion show.

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