Maha Taibah

Youth development specialist (Founder and Coach at Eunoia)

I grew up in Canada, where my dad studied medicine at McGill University. Ever since I knew crayons, painting the sky green was a valued expression of my imagination.

Roaming the Montessori classroom freely between the writing center, math center, or art corner was simple. Yet, it taught me to make decisions at a very young age. I had so many questions about people, why we were all different, and dare I say it, many questions about life.

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Now, I am curious about learning, about growth, and about human behavior. I graduated from King Saud University with a degree in early childhood education. After pursuing my first full-time job, I realized that perhaps, being a teacher in a classroom was not what I was destined to do. I decided then to join the educational leadership master’s program at DePaul University in Chicago. The first day of class was on the 5th of September 2001. 

A few days later, after the horrid events of 9/11, I began an unexpected journey of self-discovery. Being a Muslim Saudi Woman in the US at that time was both challenging and enlightening. This experience pushed me to better understand my core values and revisit preconceived notions of my identity, and my priorities.

Ever since I was back from the United States in 2003, I have viewed my career as a series of fortunate events that uniquely combine exposure to exceptional opportunities, maintaining strong professional networks, overcoming decent amounts of challenge, and a lot of hard work. 

I held many leadership positions in the private and government sector, and I was blessed to work with insightful and empowering leaders. These leaders have played an instrumental role in paving the road for me as a young Saudi woman passionate to make a difference for the youth in her country. In my work, I have focused on empowering Saudi youth through driving technology and human capital initiatives and furthering strategic partnerships with the private sector, government, and the global community that build local capacity and prepare them to be productive global citizens. 

Without the support of my parents, my family, my friends, my leaders, and my teams, the loud sound of shattering unproductive cultural norms and glass ceilings would have been a lot less pleasant. I am grateful for all the opportunities I had to share my voice, ideas, and expertise at a time when it was uncommon for women to lead many national initiatives in Saudi. I am humbled by the wisdom of those who inspired me, and I am most certainly thankful for my failures that taught me much more than my successes.

I grew up in Canada, where my dad studied medicine at McGill University. Ever since I knew crayons, painting the sky green was a valued expression of my imagination.

I learned a lot throughout my career. I learned that it is a privilege to plant positive seeds of change for my country, but I also learned that I am not necessarily entitled to reap the fruits. Positive change is a beautiful, messy, and collaborative process that evolves at the right time, and with the effort of the dedicated collective.

As Saudi Arabia braces itself for inevitable and unprecedented societal change, I have seized every opportunity to advance the interests of the country’s young women and men.

I dedicate my time, efforts, and resources to advance the story of Saudi youth. My mission is to help them cultivate positivity and productivity so they can reach their full potential where they live, work, and grow. 

Currently, I am an avid angel investor that is only interested in investing in companies that are aligned with my values and get my creative juices flowing. I am also a social entrepreneur. Recently, I founded, a values-based lifestyle brand that believes in truth, beauty, and meaning. Eunoia means “beautiful thinking” in Greek. We believe that initiatives, products, and services that speak to the beauty of souls, and the wisdom of hearts and minds are what we need to grow into the highest version of ourselves. We aspire to build a global brand with a local core, that becomes a platform for beautiful thinking everywhere.

Maya Angelou once said, “Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better.”

I am still learning, and I am still doing, and I look forward to the better me that continues to emerge. 

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